3rd stop - House of birth of Sigmund Freud


House no. 117 – a house of birth of Sigmund Freud – was reconstructed in 2006. With its entire interior and exterior the architecture of that house dates back to the beginning of the 2nd half of the 19th century. At present, the building serves as Sigmund Freud’s Museum with an interactive museum exhibition located in it.

For more information on Sigmund Freud and his place of birth, please go to the museum’s website:

Museum - House of birth of Sigmund Freud

The website contains more information on Sigmund Freud’s personality and his life work. It gives you the opportunity to have a closer look at Freud's genealogy, read more about the exhibition opened at his family house and get to know about the prizes the exhibition has already won.

Chronicle will tell you what important Sigmund Freud’s-related events took place in Příbor from the moment of opening of his family house for visitors.

Video record will guide you through the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Freud's birth, attended by the close relatives of Mr. Freud.