Primary Art School                                         

In the school years of 1953 – 1954 teachers were teaching in the three class rooms equipped only with old rest-furniture and old pianos. In charge of the school was the principal: Mr. P. Hrubiš, the teachers were:  Milena Krompolcová, Svatopluk Novobilský, Antonín Satek and Viktor Sasín. There were 59 pupils at the school altogether.

Over the period of 60 years of creative work the PAS had many successes and produced several skilled musicians, dancers and other artists. The PAS may not be the biggest, but judging by teaching results it always comes as one of the top schools of the Moravian-Silesian district.

Students of the school are regularly taking part at various contests achieving excellent results, entering regional and even national levels of the competitions.

Příbor’s Youth Brass Orchestra with their Majorettes are closely co-operating with PAS.


The subjects being taught at PAS today are:  musical education, dance and fine arts.

All teachers of the school are devoted to maintaining Příbor’s musical traditions on a high level. Příbor has always counted as the town with long-time, rich cultural traditions.


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