Terms of rent

 For any free-entry charitable and cultural events for citizens that will not be organized for the purpose of sale or promotion, the rent is free.

Any events with voluntary admission will be charged 20% of the rental price and 25% of the sum collected on voluntary admissions, both payable into town’s account.

Non-profit organizations, whose founder is the Town of Příbor, will be charged 50% of the rent specified in the current price list.

For all events organized by the Town Příbor or in collaboration with the Town Příbor, rent remains free. A decision, as to if town is organizing or co-organizing the given event, will be taken by the Head of Public Administration Department or by the Head of Development Department.

Long term rentals will be dealt with individually by the Municipal Authority / Head of Public Administration Department of Příbor.

Any exceptions from the valid price list must be approved by the Town Council, therefore submitting application in a written form is required minimum three weeks prior to the planned event.

 This price list is valid from the 1st of January, 2014.


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