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Město Příbor turistický informační portál

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Outdoor swimming pool RICCO

Swimming pool was opened to public on the 1st of June, 1992. It is situated in the beautiful nature of Příbor Véska district. Two swimming pools measuring 50 x 21 x 1, 6 m (large one) and 6 x 5 x 0, 6 m (small one) are filled with drinking water and count among the cleanest in the North-Moravian region.

RICCO Company won tender for operating town’s summer venue in 1993, 2000 and 2007. From that moment the place is being run by them. Season here starts already in May and usually lasts until the end of September. Visitors are welcomed daily from 9 am to 10 pm as the swimming pool benefits from lightning system enabling to have a swim even in the evening or at night.

In 2004 the venue extended the scope of its services and became more versatile. The place has turned into a perfect camping for family recreation during summer. Bungalows were added to the swimming pool area.  A new hostel was built nearby. Two years later camping spaces for tents and area specially designated for campervans were made ready for visitors. Those areas are equipped with slots for connecting electrical devices.

In the year 2008 premises have been reconstructed to reach higher standards of services provided. At present the place is equipped with all what is needed for disabled visitors, i.e. using wheelchairs.  Year 2009 brought a thorough renovation of water treating devices, including installing new outdoor shower corners and fixing floors.


RICCO swimming pool and camping area offers:
  • Entertainment

  • Catering

  • Sport activities for wide public

  • Events like i.e. cooking a pot of goulash under a chestnut tree

  • Rental of sport equipment

  • Mini golf

  • Sand court for beach volleyball

  • Big inflatable water attractions

  • Hop-in/ hop-out attractions

  • Open air movie theatre “H2O”

Our tourist information point will deliver any sort of required services in order to make your stay with us more comfortable. According to your wish you can work or play here.

  • Free Wi-Fi connection everywhere on the premises

  • Info about other tourist attractions in our region

  • Information about public transportation services (getting in/ out of town)

  • Internet café

  • Tourist guides accessible through us if required

  • Fully organized school trips

  • Free brochures and leaflets

  • Souvenir shop selling postcards, tourist badges, cycling maps

  • Night tours with a guide around the town

  • We speak fluent Russian, English and German


Outdoor swimming pool RICCO

Rudolf Korčák

Janáčkova Street 923

742 58 Příbor

Czech Republic (CZ)

PH: (+420) 777 100 007


Email: koupaliste@ricco.cz



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21. 1. 2022


Day temperatures -3/1°C, around 1000m -7°C.
Night temperatures /°C.