The origins of the name Lubina

In the olden days the subjects of Trojanovice were allowed by the count of Hukvaldy to graze their cattle in his woods.  Shepherds haven’t had an easy job these days; each one of them was carrying an axe strapped to his waist. They used to climb up spruce trees to cut down the branches. Knowing, they had to do it carefully, without causing too much damage to the tree, they were climbing up one tree after another, cutting only a few branches at the time. As the constant climbing up and down the trees was rather tiring, boys came up with a better idea. Holding on to the tree top they balanced their weight back and forth to make the tree ‘wobble’ until they grabbed the next closest tree top with both hands. Once they managed to do that, they would quickly let go of the tree they were sitting on. Next thing to do was simply to take out axe of the pocket and continue working, same as before. All cut-off branches had to be formed into a big pile as their fathers would later come to collect it.  At home the fine, small branches of the spruce were being stored outside under a little roof and used as bedding for animals. Bigger branches were being chopped for wood and stored in a dry place, so they could be used in winter for heating up the living room.

It happened once, that during their work a herd of cows got lost; but that didn’t worry the boys at all. They knew exactly where to find their herd. Cows had they favourite spot at the source of our river, where a spring was watering the grass, so that the new, juicy grass grew there from the beginning of spring until late autumn. As cows liked that place very much and always used to rush there, the locals started calling it „lubi“ in their dialect (‚likes‘). They named that place Lubinky and the spring was named Lubinka.  Strengthened by few additional tributaries, in Frenstat the very same stream was getting bigger and wider. The name has been changed there to ‚Lubina‘, which sounded less soft that ‚Lubinka‘.