How was Příbor founded?

Word has it, Příbor used to be the oldest town in the whole Kravařsko region. The truth is that the old town was situated elsewhere; its exact location was different from the one we know today.  

How was Příbor established? One day Tatars invaded Moravia. Their bad reputation proceeded them - tales of their cruel, horrible doings were being told everywhere. Known as small people with pale complexion, furiously riding their smaller-than-normal-horses, Tatars were robbing, murdering and bringing chaos to everywhere they appeared at. Women and girls were being enslaved by them.  When Tatars were approaching the old Příbor, the locals considered wisely, that the odds were against them. They decided to collect their valuables and cattle and run to hide deep in the woods. Empty town was soon plundered and burnt down by the Tatars. As all the buildings there were made of wood, all that was left were smoking, burning ashes.

In the end Tatars decided to camp on the plateau near Kotouč and keep searching all around for any hidden Christians. Anyone caught by them in the woods was either stumbled alive on a pole or, with hands tied in the back, was shot at by the archers. Some people were skinned alive; others – doesn’t matter if dead or alive- had their ears cut off. Tatars kept well trained dogs, which were used for tracing fugitives dwelling in the forests. What saved the folks of Příbor was the fact they had earlier cut down trees to block and conceal all the paths leading deeper into the forest. That way they prevented Tatars from reaching them.  

Once they returned home after a long time, all they found were grey ashes.  For that reason the new town hasn’t been built at the same place, but nearby on a hill, close to the bank of Lubina River. As the survived Christians used to call the old, burnt to ashes, place „zbor“, they started calling the newly built town prizbor (next-to-zbor). Long afterwards letter ‘z’ was left out of the name. Existing name of the town Příbor has its roots in that story.