At present

Příbor is one of the oldest towns in Northeast Moravia.

It lies on both banks of the River Lubina. From three sides it is surrounded by beautiful scenery of the foothills of the Beskydy Mountains with a view of Štramberk Tower (Trúba), Hukvaldy Castle and Radhošť Mountain. The town has rich history.

Statistical data of the town Příbor

Population: around 8 600 (last update on 31.12.2013)

Area: 2 214 ha

Individual cadastral areas of the town:

  • Příbor: 1 281 ha

  • Klokočov: 460 ha

  • Prchalov: 135 ha

  • Hájov: 338 ha

    Town districts: 

  • Hájov

  • Prchalov

Coordinates of Příbor:

WGS 84 ° 49 38'24.732 "N 18 ° 8'35.205" E

UTM 33N 5503373x 726916y



Current weather

Weather today:

5. 12. 2021


Day temperatures 1/5°C, around 1000m -6°C.
Night temperatures /°C.