Personalities of Příbor

Among the personalities of Příbor there were and there still are people, who have significantly contributed with their life to the development of town and are written deep into town‘s past and present. Their achievements, the content and meaning of their work went far beyond the borders of both, Příbor and our country.

These include:










We have grouped them under the three main categories:

  1. Personalities - Příbor’s natives

  2. Personalites – worked for Příbor, but haven’t been born here

  3. Honorary citizens of the town

The second key is the alphabetical order.

The content of the information is not focused on precisely describing these people’s lives or work. Its purpose is to make the readers of this websites at least a little familiar with some interesting persons living and working here. You’ll find much more information on the names mentioned here in the literature of the archives, libraries and on the net.

The sculptors alone would be enough to write the whole chapter – and this profession is represented here only by Antonín Jařabáč.

People fighting in the WW1 and WW2 would surely deserve their own chapter- i.e. Lohrer Lom, Vladimír Vaněk, and many others ... such as war victims Kamil Jaroš, Josef Raška, Method Cyrill Handschuch, etc.

At the moment, the text being written is still open – it comes only from November 2014. Anything can be amended, there’s still time to clarify any information.

We start with the first chapter:

  1. PŘÍBOR‘S NATIVES in alphabetical order - names and titles appearing after the surnames

Many prominent people were born in Příbor. Some of them stayed here throughout their whole lives, others were known to work also in different locations. Some of the chapters are still incomplete, we will complete them after gathering more information and finding out more about them...

 Mgr. Irena Nedomová, chronicler of the town

Information from many different sources was used to process the workload; some sources are listed directly after the names.

Publications used:

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Authors of the articles are mentioned directly in the text.