PEŘINA Frantisek

* Born in 1826 in Příbor

† Died in 1910 in Příbor

Politician, revivalist and a bourgeois. Mayor, provincial deputy, well known for his great and faithful service to the community. He cultivated vine, manufactured gingerbread.


Source: Museum of Novojičínsko

Příbor’s long-time mayor, he worked at the town council for 23 years (1865-68, 1873-76, 1882-1900). He was the first mayor of Czech nationality. As written in the Radhošť newspapers in February of 1925 that fact became a „ Symbol of patriotic dreams and yearnings“.

Thanks to him, it came to an opening of the Teaching Institute and new railway tracks linking Studénka with Štramberk were lied.

He became the first Fire Marshall of a mixed Czech-German Fire Brigade (1871).

He also introduced first fire procedures to the public (Fire Regulations, 12th of January, 1865).

Frantisek Peřina is also known as a co-founder of Czech Fire Brigade (1881).

He was awarded the Golden Cross of Merit (1899).